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TLHB Lunchbox recipe guide

Are you fed up of spending a fortune on highly processed, sugary snacks from the supermarket and want to provide more wholesome, homemade food in your own or children's lunchboxes?  


For a long time now I have been batch-baking snacks for my children's lunchboxes and breaktimes that can be individually portioned and stored in the freezer. They are then ready to be popped into lunchboxes each morning along with their favourite sandwiches and fruit.


It's been an absolute game-changer for me as a busy working mum with a million and one things to do everyday. I simply spend an hour or so once a month baking delicious treats and then sit back and enjoy quick, fuss-free lunchbox prep in the mornings!

we can all scroll endlessly online looking for inspiration and time-saving tips if we want to ... but what if someone has collated all that information, carefully curated a list of recipes AND included lots of hints, tips and options for flexibility and convenience all in one place?!!

No more searching online for ideas or hunting through kitchen cupboards trying to find something to put in lunchboxes!

What's in the guide?

  • your chance to produce a month's worth of homemade snacks in little over an hour in the kitchen!

  • 5 carefully curated recipes and detailed baking methods for tummy-filling snacks full of protein, fruit and long-lasting energy​

  • suggested baking schedule for maximum time efficiency

  • shopping list for convenience

  • budgeting ideas and lower cost options

  • suggestions for converting recipes to make suitable for vegans

  • tips for reducing refined sugar and ideas for substitutions

  • storage advice

  • ideas for reducing food waste

  • equipment list (no cake mixer needed)

  • inspiring photos for guidance

it's time for fuss-free lunchboxes

On offer for this week only  £6 (normal price £15). 

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